Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I start the classes?
A. Fill the online registration form to attend a free trial lesson. Our program coordinator will get in touch with you to schedule the trial class. Should you wish to continue after the trial lesson we will schedule your regular classes. Payment for the lessons can be made simply by credit card or pay pal payment system before beginning your regular classes.
Q.Do you allow use of a webcam?
A. Our policy does not allow the use of a webcam. However, we recognize the special need of webcam use in some cases. So if you wish to use a webcam then ask your teacher to allow it in your particular case. For students over 18 years of age, no special process is involved. However, for minor students (under 18 years of age), we require parents to sign a consent. The consent form is available here download
Q. What if I can't pay the tuition fee or believe I should not be charged this fee for any reason?
A. We would like everyone to be able to attend our Sunday School. Therefore, please write to us at info@almawridus.org to make such a request with your reason.
Q. What if I wish to sponsor a student who can't pay the tuition fee?
A. We encourage you to sponsor the students who are unable to pay. We also encourage you to support this Weekend Islamic School as we grow through your general donations as well. Use the Donate link on the main page. Please remember to specify the purpose in the "Purpose" section when donating.ge.
Q. How are the classes conducted and are they live?
A. These are live online classes taught using Skype platform.
Q. What language is used to teach these classes?
A. English or Urdu (as needed)
Q. What day and time are these classes be offered?
A. Once your registration is received, our program admin will contact you to determine a schedule which suits your needs.
Q. Are these courses only being offered to students in the United States?
A. No. These classes are open to anyone anywhere in the World.
Q. What is the duration of each class?
A. Classes are generally scheduled in 30-minute sessions.
Q.Will these classes be online?
A. Yes.
Q.How are the classes taught?
A. At the moment we use Skype.
Q.Where is your office located?
A. Our main office is located in Dallas, TX, USA.

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Al-Mawrid Nazirah Program

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Al-Mawrid Nazirah Program

Nazirah Quran Recitation, Memorization & Memorization with Translation classes from the platform of Al-Mawrid Institute.