ifẓ-al-Quran حفظ القرآن

Second Quranic Course for a Student



The Quran is the final revealed book of Allah (God). Allah revealed it to our Prophet Muhammad . It is a prime religious text for all Muslims. It contains divine guidance for humankind living all over the globe. It is the touchstone of our faith and ideology. Therefore, learning and understanding Holy Quran is compulsory for every Muslim. Our Prophet said that seeking that knowledge is obligatory for each Muslim male and female. We recite verses of the Quran in our five-time-daily prayers. Therefore, it is obligatory for us to memorize Quran as much as we need to offer a good quality prayer. For that, we need to memorize its suras (chaptersسورتيں ). Secondly, God has preserved the Quran at the hands of Hafizes (حافظ). These blessed people are the very means of preservation of the Holy Quran. For that noble task of preservation, it is obligatory for Muslims to make some people memorize it completely.

We offer here two courses of memorization

1-      Memorization of some suras for prayer

a.      this course has two sections

                                                    i.     from sural al-Mulk to al-Nās

                                                  ii.     from Sura Qāf to al-Tarīm [ a student can go for one or both]

2-      Memorization of complete Quran


Hifz-al-Quran Course Salient Features




Prayer enhancement

·       For the betterment of one`s prayer/ longer Qīyām

Hifz al-Quran

·       Complete Quran, word by word with Tajwīd

·       Be a part of the divine scheme of preservation of the Holy Book

Days of classes

·       2 days a Week course[weekends]

·       3 days a week course [weekdays]

·       5 days a week course [weekdays]

Duration of classes

·       Every class will be of 30 minutes

Class Structure

·       Individual learning (one to one; teacher and student only)

Length of the course

·       Depends upon the student`s hard work

·       Depends on how many days a student take this course

Trustworthy teachers

·       Al-Mawrid do its best to select morally good and punctual teachers


·       You can customize your classes by mixing Nāirah with other courses. Like;

o   if with Nāirah

o   if with Translation of the Quran


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