Salah & Supplications

Salah & Supplications



Salah & Supplication Course نماز اور دعاؤں کا کورس

We know that five-time prayer (صلاۃ، نماز) is obligatory for all Muslims. The Prayer is the most important ritual of the Islamic creed. We Muslim worship Allah Almighty [اللہ تعالی] in this way, to show our obedience, affection, respect and servitude to Him. According to Sunnah of our respected Prophet , Muslims offer it five-times a day. There are some specific acts and verbal-expressions (أذكار) in a prayer. This course aims to teach both verbal and nonverbal parts of Muslims` prayer. In this course, a participant will learn the true method of Salah (نماز) and memorize the Salah with translation. Apart from Salah, a student will learn some basic supplications, like Dū`a [دعا و ذكر] after taking a meal, or on entering mosque etc.  





True pronunciation

·       Salah with true pronunciation, to refrain from mistakes in prayer


·       Complete Salah with translation to understand what we recite in the Salah

True Method

·       According to al-Sunnah al-Mutwātirah (السنة المتواترة)

·       No sectarian addition or omissions

Days of classes

·       2 days a Week course[weekends]

·       3 days a week course [weekdays]

·       5 days a week course [weekdays]

Duration of classes

·       Every class will be of 30 minutes

Class Structure

·       Individual learning (one to one; teacher and student only)

Length of the course

·       Depends upon the student`s individual pace of learning

Trustworthy teachers

·       Al-Mawrid does its best to select morally good and punctual teachers


·       You can customize your classes by mixing Nāirah with other courses. Like;

o   Salah course with Quran-Memorization

o   Salah Course with Nāirah



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