• 2 Days a week - $35 (USD)
  • 3 Days a week - $50 (USD)
  • 5 Days a week - $70 (USD)
NOTE: All classes are one to one 30 minute duration. Classes are taught using Skype. Please register to schedule a free trial class before you make any payment for the classes. Al-Mawrid United States Inc. is a registered non-profit in the United States. We actively seek donor sponsorships for deserving students.

Al-Mawrid United States Inc.

Email: nazirah@almawridus.org

Telephone: (972) 370-5083

Address: 3630 N Josey Ln, Suite 200,

Carrollton, TX 75007, USA

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Al-Mawrid Nazirah Program

3630 N Josey Ln, Suite 200

Carrollton, TX 75007, United States

Phone: (972) 370-5083

Email: nazirah@almawridus.org


Al-Mawrid Nazirah Program

Nazirah Quran Recitation, Memorization & Memorization with Translation classes from the platform of Al-Mawrid Institute.