We know learning Quran is obligatory for every Muslim on earth. Al-Mawrid facilitates to fulfill this obligation. Al-Mawrid, as an education institute, has undertaken a huge and noble project of Islamic Education. Which focuses on the learning of Quran, Sunnah, Hadith, Sīrah (biography of the Prophet ﷺ), History of Muslims and Islamic languages; Arabic, Persian and Urdu. For Quran, we have different Courses; Nāẓirah, Ḥifẓ, Translation, Tafsīr , and Comparative Study of Tafsīrs. Nāẓirah is the largest of all these courses, as most of the Muslims take that course. We aimed at that we provide a facility for every Muslim to connect with the Quran. Nāẓirah is the first step towards that noble aim.

Nāẓirah is an Arabic word, literally means eye. As a term, Nāẓirah means reading the Holy Quran looking at the text; the use of this term is in the contrast of the term Ḥifẓ. Ḥifẓ means, memorizing the Quran, in other words, reciting Quran without looking at its text. However, in Indo-Pak subcontinent, it also means reading the Holy Quran according to the phonetic rules of Qur’ānic Arabic.

Thus, the objective of the Nāẓirah Course is learning the correct reading of the Qur’ānic Text according to Arabic phonetics. We see that Non-Arab cannot read Quran correctly, as their languages run on different phonetic rules.

In this course, the student learns;
• Arabic alphabets
• Reading of the Qur’ānic text
• Qur’ānic Phonetics
• Symbols of recitation (Rumūz Auqāf e.g. ج قلے صلے قف رموز أوقاف:)
• Qira’t (pleasant arrangements of sounds and their length)

Every Muslim must read with holy Quran, it is obligatory for them.

Sajid Hameed (Dean)
Al-Mawrid Institute

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Al-Mawrid Nazirah Program

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