Meezan English (Islam A Comprehensive Introduction)

Dr. Shehzad Saleem, Javed Ahmed Ghamidi


An English rendering of Javed Ahmed Ghamidi’s Meezan by Dr. Shehzad Saleem.

Book Introduction:

 اللہ کے نزدیک دین صرف اسلام ہے۔ کم و بیش ربع صدی کے مطالعہ وتحقیق سے مصنف نے اس دین کو جو کچھ سمجھا ہے، وہ اپنی اس کتاب میں بیان کر دیا ہے۔

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Islam: A Comprehensive Introduction is an extensive study of the contents of Islam by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi (b. 1951). It is an effort that spans almost two decades of both creative and critical thinking. This attempt to expound the contents of Islam is not a new one. Preceding Ghamidi is an illustrious series of names who have ventured forth to present Islam the way they have understood it. All these efforts are commendable and merit deep deliberation. A serious student should perhaps conduct a comparative study to gauge the approaches followed by each.

This book is a comprehensive treatise on the entire content of Islam written by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi also wrote a summary of Meezan in the form of a small book named Al-Islam. Dr. Saleem Shehzad translated both Meezan and Al-Islam into English as Islam: A Comprehensive Introduction and Islam: A Concise Introduction respectively.

In this book, Ustaz Javed Ahmed Ghamidi writes “To Allah, Deen is only Islam. In my book, I have considered what I have considered as a religion, from the study and research of at least the quarter-century. Think of each of his departments as a result of the favor of the Lord and the benefit of the thought of my Jalil-ul-Qadr teacher, Imam Amin Ahsan Islahi. If you see something weak in it, add it to my deficiency of knowledge.

Various topics included are Imaniyaat, Qanoon E Ibaadat, Aqlaqiat, Qanoon E Moashiraat, Qanoon E Siasat, Qanoon E Jihaad, etc.

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