Shaq-ul-Qamar – A Perspective by Javed Ahmed Ghamidi

Syed Manzoor-ul-Hassan


This book is based on the groundbreaking web series “Response to 23 Questions,” produced by the Ghamidi Center of Islamic Learning. In this series, renowned scholar Javed Ahmed Ghamidi addresses key objections to his interpretation of Islam and its application. Manzoor Ul Hassan has meticulously documented the arguments presented in the series and all necessary references for academic purposes.

“Splitting of the Moon”

The event of the moon splitting into two parts occurred during the Prophethood. It is mentioned in the initial verses of Surah Al-Qamar (54) and detailed in many Hadiths. Most commentators of the Quran and Hadith include it among the miracles of Prophethood and attribute its occurrence to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Some other scholars, such as Maulana Syed Abul A’la Maududi and Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi, consider it one of Allah’s signs but do not apply the common term of miracle to it. They believe that including it among the miracles of Prophethood is not correct from a scientific and terminological perspective. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi also holds this view. Thus, he considers the moon splitting an observable event and a manifestation of the complete power of the Creator. He believes this event was a sign of Allah supporting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a warning to his deniers.

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About the Author:

Syed Manzoor Hassan was born on April 20, 1965, in Bahawalnagar, Southern Punjab (Pakistan). His father, Syed Muhammad Hassan Shah, was the custodian of a local shrine of the Qadiriyya Sufi order. He completed his matriculation from Government City High School Bahawalnagar and his B.A. from Government College Bahawalnagar. Later, he obtained his M.A. in Political Science from Punjab University Lahore and his M.A. in Islamic Studies from Islamia University Bahawalpur. He also completed his M.Phil. in the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at G.C. University Lahore. He received basic education in literature, science, and Islam from his city’s renowned scholar and esteemed teacher, Muhammad Nazar Sahib. His training led him to the esteemed scholar and researcher of the modern era, Javed Ahmed Ghamidi. He has been associated with him as a student since 1991. Among the teachers from whom he learned various disciplines during his student days, the most notable is Dr. Khurshid Rizvi, an extraordinary scholar of Urdu and Arabic language and literature. Other prominent teachers include Dr. Syed Sultan Shah, Dr. Farooq Haider, Dr. Hasan Askari Rizvi, Dr. Jahangir Tamimi, Muhammad Rafi Mufti, and Muhammad Zafar Adil. He is a fellow at Al-Mawrid and participates in various editorial and educational projects at the Ghamidi Center of Islamic Learning, USA. He is also the editor of the monthly magazine Ishraq USA.

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