Urdu 2 - Comprehension

Urdu 2

Urdu 2

Urdu Language: Comprehension

Reading, Comprehension & spoken


Teachers:  M Basit QariArif M Khan

Class Time: Every Sunday at 1:30 PM EDT (US Eastern Time Zone)

Class Duration: 60 Minutes

Prerequisite: Urdu 1 or equivalent



Urdu, Persian and above all Arabic language, are enriched with Muslim-Academic-Heritage. They are called Islamic-languages. Sciences of Quran, Hadith-disciplines, Fiqh and its principles, Prophet`s Sīrah, medieval-history, Kalām(philosophy), lingual-disciplines, Muslim-rhetoric, etc. are mainly produced in these languages. These languages are also ambassadors of Muslim civilization and their world-view.

These three languages share many similarities; for instance, they are written from right to left; their alphabets are mostly same; their phonetic system is identical in many ways. They are only sources of three main Muslim civilization; Semitic, Iranian and South Asian. Arabic covers Semitic, Persian covers mainly Iranian and partly South Asian, and Urdu covers South Asian cultures.

Urdu has a salient feature which distinguishes it from her sister languages. Namely, it is its richness in alphabets and speech sounds (phonetic), as it has 36 alphabets. When a student learns Urdu, it becomes possible for him/her to read scripts of Persian and Arabic scripts and of many other languages as well.

Urdu Courses briefly

A-     For those who do not recognize Urdu alphabets(reading skill in focus)

B-     For those who recognize Urdu/Arabic/Persian alphabets (comprehension in focus)

C-     Urdu Language Middle level

D-     Urdu Language intermediate level

E-     Urdu Language literature

The A group will start their learning from Urdu-primer (Urdu Qaida)

Features of this course




·        5 years and above

Urdu`s first & second book

·        Sentence structure

·         Meanings


·        Greetings/shopping etc.(10 different avenues)

Days of classes

·        1 days a Week course[Sundays]

Duration of classes

·        Every class will be of 60 minutes

Class Structure

·        Group learning/Virtual Class-Room

Length of the course

·        1 year

Trustworthy teachers

·        Al-Mawrid do its best to select morally good and punctual teachers

Fee Structure

·     FREE




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