Level 1: Islamic Concepts Through Prophets` Stories

Level 1

Level 1

 Islamic Concepts through Prophets’ Stories



Class Time: Every Sunday at 12:00 PM EDT (US Eastern Time Zone)

Class Duration: 60 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 6-9 yrs


Course Overview:

Teacher:  Amar Ellahi Lone / Dr. Farheen Khan

Course Intro (Short video by the teacher)

This course is designed to be a building foundation for children learning about Islam. It will introduce them to the Prophets of Allah. This course will further build a child ’s basic of religious concepts. The course will specifically train children to understand, appreciate and apply the message and the morals behind the stories of Prophets’ lives. This course will serve as a building foundation for elementary/primary schoolchildren who are willing to learn about Islam.

Prophets are messengers of Allah. They brought us His guidance. Studying their lives guide us about that guidance. This course actually cover some parts of Islamic teachings, history, and morals.


Course Objectives:

By the end of this course the students will be aware of:

      All prophets introduced by the Quran.

      Basic beliefs about Allah, angels, holy books, life hereafter and good and evil.

      Brief biographies of the prophets


Course Outline:

The following is the course outline with topics covered in each lecture. The additional reading material (if needed) for each lecture will be made available by the teacher through the course.



Concepts to be taught


Adam (عليه السلام)

·        His creation, as a caliph on earth

·        Sajdah of angles

·        Iblis and his denial,

·        Enmity of Iblis

·        His wife: Eve

·        Stay in Jannah

·        Consumption of forbidden fruit

·        Tawbah and his exile from Jannah

·        Promise of provision of guidance  for him & his progeny

·        His prophet-hood

·        His sons; Hābīl (Abel)and Qābīl(Cain)

·        Allah as a creator of earth and heavens

·        First man on earth; well aware of God and his guidance

·        intro to angles, creatures, duties, name some important angels

·        intro to Iblis Satan, his self-assigned mission, his enmity for man, nature of his assault on humans

·        intro to hell as a punishment

·        concept of Jannah, lifestyle in it, our test and reward

·        intro to sin and tawbah (repentance)

·        On earth for test

·        Scheme behind the creation of Adam and his progeny

·        Caliph-hood, concept and requirements

·        Three fold test; Ego, Ḥayā’ and Wealth


Shith (عليه السلام),

·  Third son of Adam,

·  According to hadith he was given many holy booklets,

Idris (Enoch) (عليه السلام)

Nuh (Noah)عليه السلام (Bible:3900-2900 BCE)

·        His life sketch

·        His messenger hood

·        God punishment to criminals; flood


·        Idirs AS in Quran:

·        وَاذْكُرْ فِي الْكِتَابِ إِدْرِيسَ إِنَّهُ كَانَ صِدِّيقًا نَبِيًّا (56) وَرَفَعْنَاهُ مَكَانًا عَلِيًّا (57)سوره مريم

·        وَإِسْمَاعِيلَ وَإِدْرِيسَ وَذَا الْكِفْلِ كُلٌّ مِنَ الصَّابِرِينَ (85)سورة الأنبياء

·        Concepts of Sidq, and Sabr



·        A Rasūl, the difference between Nabī and Rasūl

·        Flood was limited to his deniers

·        Sharia was revealed to him


Hud (عليه السلام)

Salih (عليه السلام)

Lut(عليه السلام)



Ibrahim (عليه السلام)



Ismail (عليه السلام)



Isaac & yaqub (عليه السلام)



Yousaf Joseph(عليه السلام)



Moses/Musa & Harun (عليه السلام)



David( Dawood) and

Solomon (Sulaiman) (عليه السلام)



Al Yasa/Elisha, (عليه السلام)

Ayyub (Job), (عليه السلام)

Dhul-Kifl (Ezekiel) (عليه السلام)




Yunus (Jonah), (عليه السلام)

Zakariya, (عليه السلام)

Yahya/John the Baptist(عليه السلام)










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