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Dear visitor, you know, we live in the World of our God: Allah (SWT). He is our Lord and the Lord of the World and Heavens. Therefore, we are to live in His World according to His will. He delivered us His will through His Messengers, from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon them). Al-Mawrid Sunday School (A project of Al-Mawrid Institute), offers courses to learn the message of our Almighty Lord.

We offer courses on Quran His final message, Sunnah His final prophet`s teachings, Hadith: his sayings; Islam: complete teachings of Islam, Muslim History, Arabic Persian and Urdu Languages, and scholarly courses on technical skills and disciplines.

Beside this education program, we also offer moral training workshops. Every Muslim is actually a nice and morally strong person. On the platform of Al-Mawrid-Sunday-School we want to build personalities of Muslim community; making them nice, gentle, civilized, prudent and morally strong men and women.

Our Programs provide courses for people of all levels; from Primary to graduate level, and from common-man to scholars.

We pray: May help us to design and arrange our program successfully, make our efforts fruitful, and make all this effort beneficent for all of us in hereafter.

Sajid Hameed (Dean)
Al-Mawrid Institute

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Al-Mawrid Sunday School

Weekend Islamic school offering live online courses for children & youth.